Wow! Talk about delinquint blogging…

I haven’t been here in so long.
I can’t even know where to start. Work stress, busy-ness, the girlies daddy deployed to Afghanistan, struggling to keep up with school, not fitting in my sacred runs…
There are so many reasons I haven’t been here.
I don’t want to go on and on complaining. However, I am just starting a new phase (I hope). Getting myself back on track after two months of overwhelming stress.
Last month I gave myself permission to call off the IM70.3. I haven’t called it off yet, giving myself until April 30th, when the withdrawal/refund deadline is up. I don’t want to postpone it, but it may be more than my body can take, or my schedule can manage (re: training). For now I run/bike/swim when I can, and do it for the simple pleasure of it.

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