Why I want to win a ticket to Blissdom Canada 2011!

I’ve reached a turning point so to speak in my outside-of-traditional-work life.  In April of 2010 I took a part-time position intentionally hoping to use my “free time” to work on my own projects, pick up some interesting short-term projects for others, and have more time with my children.  I have done all of the above, but the time for my own projects got pretty limited.

With a recent opportunity lost I realized that now is the time to make things happen, to do something that will make it possible for me to replace that traditional work life (part-time or no) with my own projects. I still haven’t got it all figured out yet, but I know I want part of that to happen with my online existence.   I find myself constantly feeling out my options in my online life. A conference with other Canadian bloggers would be fertile ground for making those options grow!

The networks that I form online through Facebook, Twitter, my blog, and other social networks like One2One have come to be a bigger and bigger part of my life, and suffer whenever my other life demands take over. The fabulous thing about them though, is I can always jump back in and revitalize them with just a little infusion of sincere activity, interaction and energy.  This, I want more of. This Blissdom Canada can bring me. And this will make my connections on One2One become more and more valuable.…

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