Week 17, Day 1

Got out for a nice swim this morning. We keep getting there later in the morning it seems, but it is also quieter then, so I don’t mind. I was exhausted this morning, woke up wishing I could just hide under the covers. Anyway, told myself I’d just go slow at the pool, take it easy and get my laps in. My intent had been to move up form 200m blocks, to 300m. Started with 300m breaststroke for warm-up to force myself not to go out too hard. Worked well, managed to swim a total of 1800m today, feeling good, and sticking with the 300m blocks the whole time! 🙂 I was really concentrating on my stroke, trying to avoid whatever is doing damage to my rotator cuff(s). Today I had minimal shoulder pain, virtually none DURING swimming.

Tomorrow is brick ride/run tempo. 🙂 Ian’s got a bike fitting, so I will be heading out on my own for the first time in a while.

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