Week 16 Day 7

Yesterday was Day 7 of week 16 (of 18 weeks to IM70.3)
This week ended up being a huge hiatus from training due to school deadlines and a nasty head cold. Yesterday was my first real workout in a week!
We did some great resistance training, pulling the Chariot, with both girlies, on road bikes for about 1h40 mins.

So, we’ve got resistance training at its best!
Shall be interesting to see the difference in mileage between towing and not. Ian and I take turns pulling the girls in the Chariot. The oldest weighs 45 lbs, the youngest ~30 lbs, plus the weight of the Chariot itself (27lbs. ?)

Approx. 1h45min ride -> http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=863598

Here’s a terrible photo of me on my new ride, after having towed the girls a little over half an hour!


Ian towed at the start and finish of our ride, handling most of the riding in traffic, lights, etc. (I hate traffic!), about half an hour each time.

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