Week 14, Day 1

Let’s try this again, and hope little fingers don’t come along and lose my page again…

Sunday I was too busy with the girls and didn’t get my long run in.
Mondays Ian and I usually head to the pool, but he was on call and I don’t enjoy going to the pool alone, so I opted to get my long run in. I bought trail running shoes last week for running off-road. They’re stiffer and offer better protection for your toes. Anyhow, I wanted to try them out before the ECO-Challenge this weekend. I ended up getting a blister, which I’m not sure the shoes were the cause of, i had bits of tiny gravel in the heel of my shoe as well. So, I wimped out after the first loop of my trail, having done 7.6km, rather than the planned 12.5km.

It was a beautiful day for a run!

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