Week 13, Day 7

So I took a rest week to let my tender ankles heal up. Unfortunately didn’t even make it to the pool, was just too darned tired on Monday, and Wednesday was written off for some reason as well.
Sunday was a riding day. We packed up the Chariot, Mountain bikes and the girlies and headed for Shubie Park. My thoughts were to do a loop of the park, then head down the multi-use trail to Sullivan’s Pond, stop at the park before Lake Banook on the way back so the girls could play, then back to do another loop of Shubie. As it turned out there was a Walk for the Kids Help phone put on by Aliant, so we headed out of the park for the multi-use trail immediately. The girlies enjoyed the ducks, geese and miniature sailboats at Sullivan’s Pond. Had a short playtime at the park before DD3Y needed a pee break (and now!)… stopped along the way for a pee break at a doughnut shop, then continued on to loop around the park a couple of times, with a stop at the playground at Shubie campground for a spell. We put three hours in, with Ian taking the Chariot for the last hour. All told, we likely spent two hours anyway, on the bikes. The rain held off, and clouds began to clear once we got home.
Great day!

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