Week 12, Day 2 – 6

Tuesday was a great day for a bike ride. Since I need to take it easy on my ankles, I wasn’t terribly upset that we didn’t get the brick in, and “only” went for a ride. Herring Cove loop – approx. 1.5 hrs.

Wednesday, swam 2000M, no riding, my legs needed a rest.

Thursday took a rest day seeing as I already had two rides in, for the week, and was uncertain whether I should run yet.

Friday was a scheduled rest day.
Saturday, was a busy day with the girlies, and beginning packing, cleaning, laundry, etc. We got out for a short run on “rails to trails”, but my ankles still felt a little tender. Going to have to stay off my feet a little longer. Will try again next weekend.

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