Week 12, Day 1

Holy crap! 12 weeks to race day! Yikes!

So, I started this week off right, with a swim as scheduled. I opted to ride to and from the pool, where I swam 1500m, which gave me a total of about 50-60 mins. riding time.
The sun was beckoning, and I’m afraid if I didn’t ride, I wouldn’t have made into the pool at all. Who wants to be inside on nice days like this? However, it’s still a pinch early for open-water swimming, yet. (Unless of course I somehow manage to nab a wetsuit early 😉 – I’ve had two generous offers of loaners. One needs to locate hers, as it’s been on loan to someone else for some time now, the other said she’d put it in the mail to me before the big day! )

So tomorrow is bike/run brick, and the forecast is a high of 27 Celcius!

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