Week 11, Day 6 & 7

Finished off Week 11 well. Not quite reaching my goals for the week, but happy with my efforts none-the-less.
Saturday night, Ian & I put “Bon Cop, Bad Cop” on the DVD player, and spun on the trainers for the show. I took it easy, as my energy levels have been really low this week. Unfortunately, we didn’t get started until later than I’d have liked, which always impacts my sleep cycle.
Sunday, another later-than-I-like workout, but I was just dieing to get out for a run. Still taking it easy before the weekend events approaching at CTRR, I ran an easy ~9k in an hour. The rain started back up again, 5 minutes into my run, started coming down fairly heavily about halfway through, then petered out just as I arrived back home… dems-da-brakes.
My mind was spinning at bedtime again, partly due to running to late.
Today I was completely exhausted by the time the girlies and I returned from a fun daytrip visiting with old friends. No swim today (boohoo!) Tonight will be an early night, after helping do a little problem-solving with a couple of friends. 🙂
Not sure if I can make up my missed swim tomorrow or not, got some catching up to do on my school work.

I am getting so stoked for Cabot Trail!!!

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