Week 1.

Exhaustion. Aches. And a hint of light peeking from behind the heavy clouds.

I wake every morning in a fog. I’m uncertain whether my pain meds are causing it, or my interrupted sleep (I have an anxious ten-year-old struggling with her own sleep battles). Perhaps it’s the change in routine.

In addition to my extra work day throughout the election campaign… and a little volunteer work on the campaign… I have finally begun a 12 day group program in management of chronic pain. At a time when I need to reduce my outside projects, I am back to a full-time schedule. Most other projects have come to a halt.

3 ½ hours, 3 days/week. We sit and we discuss, we do fitness baseline testing. We learn. We discuss some more.

I have made a commitment to myself that I will walk to/from group and work in order to ensure I get a minimum of 3 days/week of walking in.

By the end of group, my goal is to create a realistic reachable plan for getting back into a regular fitness routine, with as few setbacks along the way as possible.

Goal setting. Caution. Pacing. Self-awareness. Patience. Nutrition. Motivation. Flexibility. Encouragement.

I may need a little help. 🙂

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