The Way of Letting Go – a book response

The Way of Letting Go

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One Woman’s Walk toward Forgiveness

The Way of Letting Go crosses between memoir, and support/self-help, with a “healthy” dose of Christian advice including bible passages and teachings. I lost my momentum after the second “teaching” which was not what I was looking for in the book, but continued reading. The book came to my attention as a book about letting go of aspects of grief and became reminiscent of another book I’ve read about forgiveness. I was reminded of how many events in life result in a process of grief, including but not limited to death. And as always the important message being that choosing to let go and forgive is for yourself, not for the benefit of the person being forgiven. It’s not meant to become a clean slate upon which we set ourselves up for more grief. It’s intended to be a means of dealing with our grief in a healthier way. The individual being forgiven need never know, if you choose.



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