Turnips, the under-appreciated vegetable?

So when I requested writing topics to be thrown at me for a challenge, I got hit with “Turnips, the under-appreciated vegetable”. Perhaps it was the timeliness of this (proceeding a blast from the past that I never saw coming) but it immediately had me thinking back to a time long ago. You remember that time? Back when our biggest worry was whether we got to watch our favourite TV program, or had to suffer through our little siblings’ favourites instead? Huh? Turnips brought you back to your childhood, you say?

You know the time, when all we had to do was: dance our cares away, worries for another day, let the music play…

I know that if anyone appreciated turnips it was Mokey or Wembley or whatever Fraggle it was that loved to cook (but was terrible at it), Boober? Ya, Boober! They weren’t no radishes, but Boober Fraggle sang of Turnip soup or juice, or perhaps it was Turnip pie… there’s the rub, Turnip Pie, burnt or raw – Throw the Stuff out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYOTidrZJm4 Of course, anything unfit for Fraggles was always welcomed by Madame Trash-heap. 😉

The Trash Heap, oh wise one. Probably could have taught me a lesson or two. Friendship, helping, sharing… I wonder if the lesson was ever about respect?

I’m pretty sure my sister and I watched this with devotion on CheeBeeChee North, just before (and probably just after, as well) the big move back to Nova Scotia. So, a little bit preceding the time of my past that came back to me briefly. Have you ever just been minding your own business when whamo, you’re back in a place and time you never really wanted to revisit, nor even can recall the last time your mind did? It shakes you up a bit for a brief time, then you have that Diet Pepsi moment when you realize, you can’t do the skin-tight jeans or the big hair again. Not when you’re 30-something. Some things are just meant to slowly recede into a forgotten nether-land.

And perhaps those big Trash-heap lessons didn’t sink in when you were 12, but you sure can appreciate them now!

Oh, and just for you Ian. I found this while researching: Punk Fraggle Rock: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hape0qkHaxg

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