Trish speaks out against ignorant views of so-called x-weighted EXPERT

Speaking from experience…

ceilidhontherun posted on Paul Plakas Talks About Fibromyalgia
ceilidhontherun says:
..of someone who is not overweight has never been overweight and in fact when signing up for x-weighted as a method of motivation to get back on track was not given a goal because according to x-weighted I am within my healthy bmi, I have a few comments.

I have been active for 5 years. Active enough to complete an Ironman70.3. Active enough to run 3 half marathons. Active enough to consider a 5k/30min. run a short/easy run.

For about a decade I was relatively inactive, in that I did not participate in sports, however I still walked frequently and ate healthy. Prior to that I was very active my entire childhood and adolescence.

My Fibromyalgia comes in cycles, is always triggered by stress, and IS what impacts my activity level. Try maintaining a regular fitness routine when you are in constant pain, and cannot for the life of you maintain a healthy sleep cycle, no matter how hard you try to stick with all of the sleep hygiene practises (something that few people who sleep well, ever really even think about).

I agree that activity HELPS, healthy eating HELPS… But unless you have suffered from this chronic pain and fatigue that seems not to respond to any method of treatment, you cannot possibly speak out against it’s validity. This is a valid condition, whether it has multiple causes or not. Losing a little weight is NOT a cure. It IS preventative maintenance that can ensure a better quality of life. I’m not sure I would have ever even looked at the x-weighted website if I’d read such views represented by this program.

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