Trish rocks the OIM Half for Team Diabetes!

I’m going to keep this short, as this really isn’t about the run, it’s about the cause. The run was just a celebration of having accomplished the goal to support the Canadian Diabetes Association. All that matters now is that I am done! This means tomorrow I get to go see my beloved sister whom I have not seen since months before her Type I diagnosis this time last year!

As many know this was a very questionable event for me, and I didn’t know if I should even stick with the half distance, after having already switched to it from the full. However, I am so glad I chose to stick it out! I started, I finished, and I did NOT PW! I had a great run, with only a bit of tightness in my ITB’s, and no real pain in my knees whatsoever – my ankle was completely healed from the spill down the stairs, and gave me no issues at all.

I got to run for some time with Tracy, who is doing her Team Diabetes full at Dublin in 2 weeks! I was so glad to meet one of the runners I would have been running with, under optimal circumstances. We ran together for a good portion of the run.

I ran a clear negative split and enjoyed the gradual uphill climb for the first half of the run (it was all downhill or flat from the turnaround to the finish). I didn’t take a walk break until 12km! I walked short spurts at several water stations, but other than that only had a couple of walk breaks from 12km to the finish. I finished somewhere around 2:18:xx (by the clock). I don’t know where the official results are posted just now.

Ian and the girlies were there to see me at the start and finish, and I got to celebrate with a number of other Team D participants. We’ll have a celebration dinner this evening!

It’s over now and time to celebrate. If anyone would like to contribute to the cause still, I am able to continue to collect donations. Perhaps I’ll carry over the “extra” to another Team Diabetes event, and someday run that full!

I’ll post some pix later. Smile

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