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Until I had children, I was one cuppa day java drinker. I was no connoisseur, though I knew I preferred espresso drinks to perked. I didn’t have to cut back on my coffee while pregnant because I already drank less than the maximum allotment.


I’m not sure when I started paying attention to coffee more, but I was buying a coffee maker and started researching a little to see what would make a difference in the enjoyment of my coffee at home. I started off with a drip brewer that had a control on it for the warmer, so as not to burn the coffee after it was ready.


I bought fair trade, organic coffee, and started grinding it fresh when I brewed it. Then I decided to try some new coffeemakers. I got an inexpensive stovetop espresso maker, and a glass french press. I started ordering Americanos or lattes without flavoring added when at coffee shops that had the option.

I learned to dislike certain Canadian icon brands, whose coffee was fresh-brewed, but not fresh.


I have dreamed of one day opening a little cafe/used bookstore, and would love to learn to be a barista and pull a great espresso shot, and maybe make fancy latte art – for when the time comes.


I choose local shops that use fresh-roasted beans first, and began frequenting my favourite spot, Cafe Brea this past summer. The owner and I became friends over time, and recently we were able to help one another out  – I needed some extra work, and she needed someone to fill some extra hours.

Cafe Brea

So began the adventures of a newbie barista…


So far I’ve learned the basics about coffee blends and how to operate the grinder, the antiquated cash register, and help in the kitchen. I had no idea the profile of coffee could change so much by blending two different beans/roasts together!


Pulling espresso is an art form that will require practice, I made my first attempt at it one day last week – then it got busy – same thing happened the next day I tried – can’t wait to try again!


I wonder how long it will take me to learn to do this!

I wonder how long it will take me to learn to do this!


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