Training log, Week 18, day 3

So day two went well with a nice off-road bike (1hr.)/run (30 min.) brick. Although the run was a little short, and not really off-road… but you win some, you lose some. Nice cloudy, cool day at Point Pleasant Park.

Today is looking like an unscheduled rest day. My shoulder is paining me from Monday’s swim (darned rotator cuffs!) and Ian’s sounding like his back needs a rest too. May take the opportunity to check out a “new” running store (opened in the fall and I still haven’t made it there!) and get fitted for some new kicks. It appears I’m in need of some (more than 600km on the current ones), since my arches got sore during my last two runs.

Finished a big assignment last night, two left before the end of term, and beginning my field placement!

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