Today has been interesting…

… to say the least.

I had a nice lunch out with a friend, forgot that got I’d gotten stuck parking on the street this morning (had to bring the girls to childcare and didn’t make it in to the parking lot in time) – and of course got another ticket (2nd in less than a week!) when I neglected to go out and move the car. So I was in a bad mood when I got to my road, pulled in stopped at the mailbox and discovered… my letter from Dalhousie!!!! I have been accepted to the distance education post-degree BSW program! Now I won’t have to attend UMaine and commute!

Tonight’s been a little crazy. Hope I can shut everything down and just go to sleep soon.

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18 years ago

*Doing Happy Dance!*

And you’ve seen me dance, as frightening as it is I am happy!!