This week and running

So after my 29:03 5K fun run/race on the weekend I decided it might be time to pick up the pace on my “training runs”. Basically all I run anymore are 5k’s on my own and I have been taking it easy, but really not getting out with any regularity. Sometimes I get out twice in a week, sometimes (like before this race) I get out once miss three weeks then get out again once…

I know I need to run about 3-4 times/week to experience any real benefit from it, and would like to get back onto a training plan for a real goal, however for now I’ve decided if I can run sub 30 on a 5k fun run with next-to-no-training, then I can probably swing my 30 minute 5k’s again on a regular basis. So, I ran the next day and did a 30:21, it felt good. Ankle felt a little stiff and achy, but otherwise good. Unfortunately, life got in the way all week and I didn’t make it out again until today, (my start to my new three day weekends!) So it looks like my 3 runs/week might just be happening on F, Sa, Su. With an extra in there mid-week when I can manage it.

So today’s run: Granted it was mostly downhill, but my flat/slightly uphill sections were also VERY windy… I ran a 28:23 5K!!! (Faster than my race on Sunday!)

Even more exciting, no taping of the ankle and ZERO pain!!! Woohoo!!!

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