The Plan

Today was day one of my vacation. Last night I was thinking online status messages: “Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life, today just is…” I have said this so many times, and I know I am not alone is the thought processes: I need a plan. First and foremost I need a game plan, a life plan of how I am going to work towards the things I really want. Within the game plan, there are smaller plans that I must work out, as I have realized I just work better with a plan: a fitness plan, a career plan, a family plan, etc., etc.

One thing I know about myself is that I really do have difficulty with taking it easy. I value relaxing, in the today-I’m-going-to-take-a-day-for-myself sense, and also in the importance of taking care of myself (i.e. relaxing before bed to settle down and be able to sleep), but when it comes to slowing my life down, taking less on and focusing on just a few important things, this is really, really, REALLY a big challenge.

I was talking with a girlfriend about how I’m always looking for the next “thing”. It’s not that I dislike what I’m currently doing (whether it be work-related, family, school, or personal projects, etc.) but I’m just constantly in the mind-set of “what next?” It’s not a good feeling anymore. I don’t feel content.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with growing up with constant change (daughter of an RCMP member, and grand-daughter of two Canadian Air Force members), or the not-so-distant-past highly stressful periods of time in my adult life.

I’ve tried to over come it, by carefully working through what the important things are to me, and how I might make a focus on those things (and little else) work for me. But, I think I’ve stumbled. I came up with a bit of a game plan, made a few good plays, but really suck at the follow-through.

If I were to make a list of all of the priorities in my life, RIGHT NOW, I would find (I am certain of this) that I have more than enough to keep me busy, occupied and challenged for quite some time. I don’t NEED to change anything. In fact, what I need is to NOT change anything for a specific timeframe.

So after spending day one of my vacation, going for a run & coffee with a friend, doing laundry (and then more laundry), reading, and taking my girls to the lake, I need to take a day while I have it to myself to be more productive in the planning. Tomorrow, I will have another run with a friend, then lunch with another friend. In between, I’ll likely do more laundry. But afterward should be spent creating a plan, and then some. Once that’s complete, I’m going to need a little help on the follow-through. 😉

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