The Plan, phase 1

So, it still needs some work, but one step at a time, right?

First, I’ve already spoken with my boss(es) about the workload and asked for something to change. I have been given additional admin time from my soon-to-be Assistant Director, who has been already putting in 2 hours/day of office time (The hours that I am not there). I’m going to schedule her in the office for a lunch hour so that I am forced to actually leave my desk at lunch (since she’ll be expected to be there).
There are a number of concerns about how things are playing out a work, so I’ve given myself a bit of a time line to see how things go. Worst case scenario, I will request that I begin working reduced hours and they bring the Assistant Director into the office even more.

I’ve also begun keeping my ear to the ground for opportunities to improve my situation by taking a different direction if needed.

I’m going to begin taking walks at lunch, either bringing lunch with me to a park, or eating before heading out. No more lunch at my desk in fits and strats, in which cases sometimes lunch doesn’t actually get touched.
I’m going to leave work at my scheduled time and then use the hour that the girls are in activities at Dalplex before I pick them up to either go to yoga, or run, or swim. This all needs to be laid out into something concrete, or it won’t happen, so there needs to be a firm plan made here still: specific days for running, for yoga, for swimming, and workout plans.

Ian and I really need to coordinate some of our days so that we can share some of the driving, allowing times that each of us can cycle commute, and/or commute by car together.

Community giving. This is something that I always find makes life more fulfilling and I want to teach more of it to the girls, so we’re going to come up with daily kindnesses. Some of them will be big things, like making a donation to a charity (which was today’s kindness), or volunteering time in the community. Other’s will be small things, like bringing some of our fresh baked cookies to the neighbor, or making something to bring to the teachers, etc.

I’m going to commit to my journaling again. Whether it be blogging, or writing in my journal, there will be something done on a daily basis.

I am going to learn to say no. No to taking on more than I can manage.
I am going to learn to say yes. Yes to making my balanced life a priority.

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