The “O” Race

So most people have an “A” Race that they train for, many even have a “B” race that meets some secondary goal. I had an “O” Race. Wasn’t trained for it, and it’s likely my ONLY race of the year this year after a couple of DNS (did not start) events.

So, at the last minute my little green monster decided that “Hey! I wanna race too! They’re all doin’ it!” My first ever last minute race entry – was for a 5k Fun Run, at Ian’s “A” Race event, the Valley Harvest Marathon. He was well trained and ready to go, I on the other hand was not. However, I KNEW I was capable of running the 5k, it is the only distance I HAVE run in the last six months really, so what odds? I had not time goal. I had no goal at all really, just go out and run.

I had no watch, but simply ran by feel pushing it as much as I felt was reasonable, after a long, long, long ankle sprain recovery. I didn’t think I had a hope of beating 30 mins today. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did I run without pain, or re-injury, but I came in at 29:03 (clock time); 28:52 chip time.

It was a great morning, and all of my friends had awesome runs and a fun time. Ian smashed his PR/PB (whatever you want to call it), with a new personal record/best by nearly FORTY minutes!!! I’m very proud, and also a little relived that the marathon training is over, for now.

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