The journey home

The journey back home hasn’t been easy. It’s an evolving story from which I apparently have many lessons to learn. Like being true to myself and demanding the respect I deserve.

Photo by Paul Wesson Photography

Photo by Paul Wesson Photography

It’s hard to imagine what events could set me so far off course. Although I have a good idea of what circumstances allow such an event to have occurred. By not taking care of myself. < I was very inactive this winter. I just started running again. I’ve been eating terribly and have made little time for the things or people that I love.>

I spent too much time waiting and hoping for those who care to show me. And wasted too much time trying to get through to the wrong ones.

I take on too much and never feel completely satisfied. But in every moment I know… On the journey home…

I know to appreciate it for what it is. I know to be true to myself and the life I’m intended to be living will follow.

With each lesson learned I am that much closer to satisfying my appetite for more. I know that it is in the moment which I learn to embrace fully … and appreciate all that it is – that is where and when I will find wholeness.

When I can love purely for the sake of loving, I will be loved wholly.



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