The Bride Collector – 50 Book Pledge – Book 8

I haven’t read Ted Dekker before, but a new friend had just read The Bride Collector, and I was looking for some insights into the life of a homicide detective. Why? Why not.


This was a light read compared to my last few, in fact I gave up reading one of my non-fiction books for a while and took this in during the week my friend was away on vacation. It reminded me of all the John Grisham books I’ve read in a way.


I was surprised at the start when a love interest (or so it would seem) was introduced early in the story, as it turned out she was a decoy, which is what I’d suspected given the timing of her introduction. I waited too long to write this book response, so I haven’t got a lot to say other than I could see I needed more insights. 🙂


I’ll read Ted Dekker again. I’ll ask my friend to tell which of his books are best.



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