Team Diabetes – Dublin Marathon 2008!

My sister Dana, has recently been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

It is uncommon to be diagnosed Type 1 outside of childhood. My sister is 30. It has been quite an ordeal on the journey so far, but she is now on her way to a healthier life, with many, many lifestyle changes ahead and a great deal of learning in store. I can’t be with her thousands of kilometers away, but I can do something that will have an impact on the life of my sister, my grandfather (Type 2) and the many other millions of people with Diabetes in Canada.

I have joined Team Diabetes, a team of people from across Canada who will be crossing the finish line together and who have raised funds to support the more than 2 million Canadians living with diabetes. I will be on the course of the Marathon – Dublin, Ireland – Oct25/2008. (This will be my first marathon ever!)

It takes dedication to be part of Team Diabetes, but I am committed to making a big difference in my life, and in the fight against type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

One of the greatest contributions of the Canadian Diabetes Association is toward outstanding Canadian research. But that is not all the Association does – it runs camps for young people with diabetes and provides education and special services to people affected by diabetes in communities across Canada.

As I run the course, you will be with me in spirit and your support will help me be strong all the way to the finish line. A donation for each mile is suggested, but whatever you can contribute matters – it all adds up!

If you want to support my mission, please click;=1155480&tId;=6176

Thank you so much for your generosity!

Trish McCourt

PS – Watch for updates on an exciting project I’m starting in sync with this campaign. You’ll soon be able to watch my progress with Team Diabetes, and my personal journey toward healthy active living, as well as those of others!

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