I hope you know who you are.

Who am I to say that I know? I don’t know today from tomorrow, or even yesterday most of the time. One day bleeding into the next while I trudge along trying to live in the moment but feeling much more like I’m barely surviving.

What does my life consist of? Work, mom’s taxi service duty, cooking, cleaning, attempting to organize our home piece by piece, a bunch of text messages, the odd phone call, a little social media networking (far removed from more recent days’ activities, much less time than I’d like connecting with my girlies, and a few really great moments with someone special… I’m not complaining.

It’s not a bad life. I’m just tired. And honestly, I look forward to the day that I am actually looking for something to do… photography, reading and writing have all taken a backseat, even my social media presence is limited. I am not running. And I am not involved in any community efforts.

Those who know me well, know that the mere fact that I am not making time for even one of my passions is bordering on reason for concern. While I’m in no need of an intervention (yet) I do need to find time to slow down. There are no boxes left in my living room. Most of the pictures are hung on the walls. My bedroom is almost clear of packages to sort through. The kitchen is nearly complete. My office/hobby room must be next on the list.  If I don’t find the time/space to focus on my passions, I’m going to become that whiny complainer inside me that I despise.

For the sake of my children, co-workers, friends, family, and hunny, I cannot allow that side of me to surface. At least not when I know what vibrant, fun and enlightening experiences come my way when in the right mindset.

Every person comes into our life for a reason. Every experience, good or “bad” has a lesson to be learned. I truly believe this. Right now I have opportunities. Each and every one of us do. How I choose to respond to those opportunities IS ultimately a choice.

Right now, I want to knock down the walls I’ve been building and start fresh. Rather than build walls, I want to strengthen the foundation and use it to create a bridge to new horizons.

There is so much yet to be explored, experienced, learned… I want to go in new directions while living it, and sharing that life in partnership… with my children, my family, and most importantly, my love. I hope you know who you are.