OK, universe, it’s my time now!

It seems as if every time things begin to settle down and reach a tolerable pace, the universe throws more stuff at me to see just how much I can handle.

When I finished my degree I went from full-time employment, full-time parenting and part-time studies, to “just” part-time employment and full-time parenting. I thought I had it made, time for me, time for my projects, time to hopefully build on a plan to eventually be independently employed. At first I enjoyed the luxury of having time to catch up on household things with a quiet house. I enjoyed being able to meet my children’s bus at home 2 days/week. I enjoyed having time for my writing and my photo-post-processing. I had a great routine going and was looking for a way to build some income into things.

Then I had an opportunity for some short-term part-time employment in an office I love (and knew from my practical experience while completing my degree) doing work that I truly enjoy. As this was winding down I began planning what I would do with my extra time again.

Then the federal election was called and I was once again working two part-time jobs, while additionally volunteering on two different campaigns whenever I could find the time. I loved the experience and involved my family as much as possible. When that came to an end, it was time to get back to my short-lived routine of 3 days/week working outside the home and 2 days/week of having the house to myself for a few hours while the girls were in school. Or so I thought.

My sister returned to Nova Scotia just as we’d long been wishing for since her multi/complex diagnoses over the last four years. After a couple of weeks she moved in with our family. We were thrilled. We (she & I) began the complicated process of getting new doctors, specialists and income assistance established. Most days off have been spent running around or, finally, having some much needed sister-time. My own projects continued to be neglected. We put our house on the market and began hunting for just the right property that would accommodate an in-law suite for my sister, whose medical needs have made it imperative that she have support close by for those just-in-case moments that happen far more frequently than anyone would like.

As summer approached the appointments began to slow down a little. There is still much work to be done, but things were beginning to feel “relaxed”. (If you can call constantly making improvements to the house to make it more sell-able, while also having to prep it for viewings 1-3 times/week, relaxed. 😉 ) Just when the house projects had thinned out and I decided to take a breather and spend a little time on my own neglected projects, my sister became sick. An infection progressed into more and we found ourselves at the emergency room most of the night and proceeding day when she was, at last, admitted. Activity had picked up on our house almost exactly at the same time. While I sat in the ER we negotiated and accepted an offer on our house, then spent time back and forth between the hospital and viewings of potential new homes. The closing date was already looming just 4 ½ weeks away. We managed to find and negotiate an offer on a great house with everything we need, and a closing date of just 2 days prior to the closing of the house that we must vacate! Phew!

In the meantime my sister was still in hospital and I was supporting her through more challenges. Most days I stopped in twice/day, some days I spent most of the day with her waiting on specialists’ to report new information. Finally, she was discharged.

We now have less than three weeks until our move. There is much to do, including sending the girls off to school, recently registered at their new school which will mean driving them everyday until we are in the house on their new bus route.

Two weeks ago I was regretting summer coming to an end because of the crappy weather we had for most of it. Now I am wishing my favourite time of the year away, hoping that when October comes the universe will finally see fit to give me a bit of a break.

Right after I do a little extra part-time work for my “other” employer… 😉