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Damn it, I’ve lost my focus and don’t know where to find it…

Today I’m doing one of those spinning in a million different directions things… I keep starting things, then suddenly realizing, I was in the middle of something else and I have no idea how I got where I am now.

I want to blog about a great book I read, then I realize I should blog about the progress I’ve made… I actually read a book, cover to cover in two days! In fact, I read two books, in four, two days each! I was sick, and I still managed to focus on my reading and stick with it!

I saw my doctor today to follow up and see if the meds are helping with the depression. It’s hard to make a very conclusive call since I was sick, very sick, for most of the time since I last saw him. However, he seems to think I’ve made some small improvements in spite of being sick, which likely means we’re on the right track. Perhaps the improvements would be more significant otherwise, so we’ll maintain the current plan and see what happens in 4 weeks.

It’s probably time to put Christmas away. It is January 7th. It’s just weird because usually I feel this overwhelming compulsion to tuck it all neatly back in it’s boxes and clear the clutter, by New Year’s day. It still feels mostly cozy to me. The tree is still up, although I feel silly about lighting it now… ah, one last time and then I’ll put the girlies to work deconstructing.

Tomorrow afternoon I hope to take the girlies skating on the Canada Games oval. Perhaps it will feel like winter for once, as I hear we’re expecting some snow this weekend! There’s been interesting talk about trying to keep the Oval permanently in Halifax, and I really hope we can make it happen. As long as we can ensure the greatest year-round use of the Commons, I think it would be a really fantastic use of the space. I mean, we once could count on skating on ponds and lakes throughout Nova Scotia all winter long… those days are long gone.

Yesterday, I almost questioned whether I’d lost some time somehow, perhaps slept through January, February and March…? I saw porpoises or dolphins, a small pod of 5-6, in the waters outside of Halifax Harbour. They should be gone south. Is it climate change effect? Or just a fluke? Or did I really miss winter? I would have loved for them to be whales. We weren’t close enough to get a good look, and unfortunately I’d left my camera at home not knowing I was even going to be leaving the office, but it’s even less likely they were whales than porpoises, right? I mean it’s unusual to see whales that close to shore anyway, let alone in winter in the Atlantic Ocean.

So you see, I can’t find my focus, my thoughts are scattered in the wind. Today, will be a day of small, short projects, because that appears to be enough of a challenge for my brain…