Facebook Drama – the REAL reality show!

I never imagined myself as someone who would get taken in by Facebook drama. The whole “I was UN-Friended!?” thing just seems so ridiculous. I mean I’m not in junior high school. If someone “unfriends” me, chances are we were not very good friends to begin with, or at least hadn’t been since high school, decades ago. So weeks ago when I discovered that I had not been “unfriended” but had been set to a limited profile (that essentially cut me off of all access other than knowing they are still online and posting on all of my closest friends walls) was tough. It was especially tough because these two friends were people I had considered to be good friends offline as well. Sure we’d had a few differences, but nothing that ever went unchecked (that I am aware of) and certainly nothing recent that would have warranted this sudden change.

So, I was blocked essentially from all goings on in this couple’s lives. And it hurt. It felt deliberate. My spouse and good friends are still in regular contact with them, at least on Facebook.

It especially hurt because I’d been trying to remain connected with these friends, in the real world, extending invitations, only to be shut down at every attempt, and had assumed that our busy lives were just preventing us from connecting. On Facebook one of them had recently been in touch with me about common interests. Now I know longer had access to any of that. I have no idea what went wrong, or why it is different with me than our mutual friends. There have been small issues offline as well, Facebook seems to have just brought it all to a head for me.

I don’t need this kind of negative energy in my life. It was their action on Facebook that brought it on. So I removed them from my Facebook friend list.

It all sounds so childish, and I feel like I should just call them on it directly, but I honestly have no interest in hearing what they have to say about how they imagine I have wronged them. This is their problem, and dwelling on it and questioning them about it, and trying to get to the bottom of it, would be making it mine. I don’t have a problem, not with them or with anyone else, so I am going to do everything I can to cut the negative that comes with all of this out of my life.

I just haven’t figure out yet how to ignore them in all of their contact with those I continue to be in touch with, including my spouse. Should I take the oh-so-serious step of Blocking them entirely? God forbid! That might just be the answer!

Ah, the drama of life on Facebook.