… a Spatula, for change

A spatula, with melted handle and burner rings on it… tells a story all on it’s own.


Does it bring to mind a single mom with too much on her mind… too many pokers in the fire…? Multi-tasking beyond abilities? I wish I could blame it on that – though that’s entirely true. But would that change anything?


I turned on the wrong burner, and for some reason the spatula was sitting ON the burner, not beside it or on the counter where I normally would leave it… Sadly, this is not the first time I’ve turned on the wrong burner. I’ve lived in many different homes, used many different kitchens and ranges. They must have all had the same set-up because I can’t for the life of me get this one right!!


It was suggested I might need to head down to Spatula City and get myself a lifetime supply of spatulas, but this one is still perfectly functional. 😉



Have you ever noticed that no matter how much some things change in your life, there are certain habits that you just can’t break? You’d think that the day I turned on the wrong burner, while a glass cutting board was sitting on it and it exploded into a zillion pieces of glass, with hot pieces embedded in the vinyl floor that I would have that permanently etched in my brain. Thank heavens no one, not even the kitten, were in or anywhere near the room when it happened.


I guess one positive thing I learned was that I had kept the burners relatively clean, otherwise I likely would have smelled something burning before said explosion… right?


Is there something you’ve been trying to break the habit of, but can’t? Or if you’ve been successful, what did you do to make the difference?




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