FordNAIAS Day 2 continued

The remainder of day 2 allowed for a lot more opportunities to become acquainted with other bloggers from across Canada and around the world. From bus rides to interactive dinners and social/learning events, FordNAIAS provided for more chances to engage with one another than any other blogger event I’ve attended (even those designed for the specific purpose of networking with bloggers).

At breakfast I finally reunited with the one blogger I really knew before attending. Throughout the day friendships were formed with many more. By the end of the night, a core group of about 10 of us had become well acquainted. It would make for a fantastic time wandering the auto show on day 3. Some of the bloggers and Ford staff I became better acquainted with on day 2 can be found here: @MartinSagala @FeliciaDewar @MommyMommentBlog @TanyaKovarsky @momvstheboys @FordCraigSilva @ammar_ammar

Eagle Tavern Greenfield Village at FordNAIAS

Photo Courtesy of @wedding_crasher

After the incredible Ford Rouge factory tour, it was time for lunch. Taking us back in time, we were treated to a feast at the Eagle Tavern, a part of Greenfield Village – connected to The Henry Ford museum. It’s an 1850’s stage coach stop with staff in period costumes and food made from period recipes that were absolutely decadent. The veal stew and then the ginger cake sliced in chunks as big as my head were my favourite.

The atmosphere was set when the “Master” of the facility greeted arrivals at the door and commented on my lack of a coat (there *were* snowflakes in the air). After I replied that I had one but I was Canadian, he responded with a laugh “OH! I’ll be sure speak to more slowly then!” 😉 We sat at long wooden tables, in a room heated by wood fire, with family style service, passing dishes along to serve ourselves. It really facilitated the continued relationship building that was happening at FordNAIAS.

We returned to the Westin for panel discussions organized by #FordNAIAS. The first one: My Energi Lifestyle panel – represented by Ford, Eaton & Whirlpool. Next up was a Green Business Summit – on sustainability: John Viera, Andrew Winston, Matthew Banks. It was inspiring to learn of Ford’s commitment to energy saving and sustainability, employing and working in partnership with climate change, sustainability and environmental science experts!

TechShop Detroit

Photo courtesy of @wedding_crasher

Next stop, TechShop. With barely time to freshen up and change we were off on another bus ride, to spend an evening playing in Detroit’s TechShop. < You know you’re in for a fun night, when handed waivers to sign on the dimly lit bus, walking in the door with wine poured and served before even making it to the coat check, and then are told you will be required to wear safety goggles for the tour! > Before the fun and games began, we sampled great food, had a few drinks and headed into the theatre to hear all about Ford’s App Developer program, now open source and accessible to anyone. Apps to enhance the driving experience of all kinds are encouraged, as long as they don’t take away from the safety of drivers (i.e. no reading, gaming, etc.)

After the tour we had opportunities to try out many of the tools available at TechShop. It’s a community workshop membership-based space where you can make just about anything! We sandblasted giant glass beer mugs, silk screened tote bags, and made pewter pendants, while continuing to take in refreshments.

Finally our buses returned us to the Westin, and the group of bloggers I referred to earlier all congregated at the hotel bar for a few more drinks and some great conversation. We talked Ford, blogging, social media, family, jazz hands, Michael Buble, Peru, South Africa, creepy old men and being forever 21…

Day 3 was fast upon us, and none of seemed ready for the event to end.


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My travel and expenses to the Ford Digital Summit were covered by Ford, however I was not compensated in anyway for my time or this post. Opinions expressed are my own.


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