Experimenting in Self Portraiture

Kate Inglis wasn’t kidding about how much you can learn about portrait photography by attempting to make a self-portrait! Nor was she kidding about how freaking hard it is to make one! I’m glad I wasn’t trying to jump into a hammock! 😉

So here is my first attempt at an actual shoot. Felt really strange to do, but I’m relatively happy with the results.

Self Portrait


Sunday was day 1 of Photography Workshop with Kate Inglas / @sweetsalty


I have been following her photography and writing online for some time now. It’s really thrilling when you have an opportunity to learn from someone whose work you admire. Sunday I learned a few pointers and was reminded of a lot of technical stuff that I’d just stopped being fully aware of. It takes practise to make these things second nature and I have homework for the second half of this course. If anyone in my neighborhood is willing I’m looking for subjects! 😉


I’m really happy with the bit of progress I already made: