Project 365 – hiatus – September 18

Not sure, if/when I’ll ever catch up. May have to start over. However, I wanted to share this snapshot that got a great response on Google+ from a friend! 🙂

My caption: Gorgeous brisk fall morning. Lazing in bed. Basking in the sun. Ready to conquer more boxes.

His comment: “love it. beautiful photo.I figure the young woman just got up out of bed after spending a disappointing night with her insensitive boyfriend. I think she’s going to dump him.”

From Instant Upload

Morning sunshine

At night we sleep with the window partially open to allow the air to flow through and cool the room/house down when the temperature drops. In the morning, the sun just reaches my pillow around the time I should be waking. Today, I felt an urge to try to capture that morning light.

From Scenic
From Scenic