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The holiday chaos is fast approaching and you’re looking for a place to get prepared and rejuvenated all at once. Picture yourself walking into a salon where you are welcomed with cheer and immediately offered a hot beverage or glass of water, while smiling staff take your coat. Moms who are looking for a family-friendly full-service salon need look no further than Imagine Salon & Spa. A family operated business, Ian Marc’s Imagine Salon & Spa is worth the trip, whether or not you live/work in Bedford.



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Payten’s Cuts for Cancer

You would be so proud of Payten, mom.

We had such a wonderful day and she is so excited to be raising funds to support the Look Good Feel Better campaign. We’re going to work on thank you notes for donors next week.

Payten exceeded her goal and well ahead of time, so we headed to the salon for a spa day. I worried a little that she’d be upset when her pony tail was gone, but she was so brave and excited! We arrived at the salon and Payten was anxious to tell everyone there that her plan was, to get a “pixie cut” like our cousin Brittany and donate her hair to Tamara Wig in her Nanny’s honour.

Payten told Ian Marc, the owner of the salon, (and our hairdresser Rachel’s dad) what she planned. It turned out that his client was also cutting off a long ponytail with the intention of donating it, but hadn’t decided where to. She gave her ponytail to Payten to include with her own donation. Payten loved that.

Mom you should have seen her beaming when that ponytail came off and as her new style took shape. She couldn’t wipe the grin off of her face and loves her new “do” so much!

She brought a photograph (the one of all of us at Disney) to show people who her Nanny was. Payten had Rachel and another hairdresser near tears seeing how sincerely happy this little eight year old was to do something to help, in her Nanny’s honour.

Payten asked me photograph the event step by step. I’ll include the series here. She also gave me permission to include a copy of her letter that she is including with her hair donation. Her funds raised are up over $600 in just several weeks.

Your sweet girl has done us all proud mom!

From PaytensCutForCancer

14 March 2012

Hi my name is Payten Muise and I just donated my hair, for Tamara Wig and when I was getting it cut, someone was also donating there hair. So instead of sending it herself she gave it to me to send to you. I am 8 years old and I live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I have one sister, my beautiful mom, my handsome dad, my step dad and my step mom. And the reason I am donating my hair is because when my Nanny was sick my mom gave me the idea of helping people with cancer like my Nanny. So if you can accept the extra ponytail that is great! Thank you!


Payten Muise

Before                                                                  After


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