Project 365 – Jan 10

I had photoshop class tonight and didn’t find time to take a new photograph, so I decided to try to edit one of the photos more like I’d originally hoped. (Compare with Day 7/January 7 below). I need some major practise (and eventually a tablet & pen) but this is the general idea:

From 365

Project 365 – Day 7

My girlies tend to be the main subjects of my photography.  I haven’t yet reconciled myself with posting their photos online though.  I have only done so in protected albums, or very unique occasions that seemed appropriate.  So, when I know a photo will likely be a published one, I tend to look for opportunities like this that don’t really show clearly who they are.

This is their first night at the gymnastics club.  They had a blast and were so excited to join!

From 365