Social Worker burnout… not just talk

When I read the former Minister of Community Services’ response to Child Protection Social Workers’ circumstances and the concerns that the Union has identified I had to speak up.

“We want to make sure our social workers are well supported and we believe they are,” – Kelly Regan

I have kept quiet long enough.

I was reluctant to speak out after ending my permanent employment with the Dept. of Community Services for fear that I may jeopardize things if someday I wish to regain employment with the Province. After reading the former Minister’s comments about the supports in place for our Social Workers, and her absolute lack of concern for their wellbeing, I felt compelled to speak out and likely end all possibility of returning to work for the Provincial government.

I was so stricken by the lack of empathy, compassion or UNDERSTANDING demonstrated by Kelly Regan.  The practices of our current government and its restructuring have done little but exacerbate an already dire situation.

I’d challenge the Minister to go back and conduct exit-interviews with the MANY social workers who left permanent government positions in the last several years (including myself) for jobs with less so-called stability and much lower pay grade before making any further speculation about the support provided to our social workers. In my small office alone I counted 4 of us who did just that during the time immediately surrounding my own resignation. Perhaps it would also be enlightening to spend just a few weeks sitting in the chair of today’s child protection social workers – it wouldn’t take a day to see just how undervalued social workers are.

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