Tough choices… the most rewarding

Often times in life we’re faced with  difficult choices.
The hardest choices often the least obvious ones.
Distant Thoughts
Ending a relationship. One that feels good . It offers good things, but it’s hard. Something gets in the way.
A great job offer that isn’t quite what you were looking for.
You cannot be certain it was the right choice.
Then something else comes along … And you know
Maybe it’s that dream job
Maybe you  meet your match.
The commute gets shorter. The job makes you happy.
You feel connected in ways you never have before.
 You feel challenged. You feel successful.
Your heart races.
Your thoughts are preoccupied… with the butterflies you thought you’d never feel again. That send a current through you as you remember.
You no longer doubt it was the right decision.
You have a conviction to make the most unlikely choices.
You met in the least likely of places.
You are energized.
You are fearful, yet you’re excited.
Happy. Aroused. Connected. Playful. Enlightened.