Book 2 #50BookPledge / You Don’t Need a Job! You Need Guts

Book 2 of the #50BookPledge

You Don’t Need a Job! You Need Guts
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by Ashley Ambirge

~Founder, The Middle Finger Project

I have been following Ashley’s e-newsletter for sometime now. When she announced the launch of this book I jumped at the chance to pre-purchase it at the discounted price. I needed to know HOW. How do I make a living online, working from home or anywhere else a darn well please? (Okay I am not as brave as Ashley when it comes to freedom of language, but you get my drift). How do I do it? And how do I find the guts to do so?

I started reading as soon as it was released, then life happened. If you’ve read any of my blog over the last 2 months’ posts you have a small understanding of what I mean. It just totally got in the way, and the reading and the planning and the action, got pushed to the backburner. But now I am ready to start my own momentum going, and I started with reading Ashley’s ebook, and another great new website I found (I will review one of her ebooks soon as well).

Ashley follows a similar philosophy on life as Chris Guillebeau, whose book Art of Non-Conformity I reviewed last year. And the fact is, this is the kind of life I want. One with the freedom to go, do and be – where and what I please. One with the satisfaction of making a difference, leaving a legacy, knowing that it meant something to me and to those my activities effected.

Ashley offers some really great tips on how to go about getting started, including step by step guidance in setting up the mechanism(s) for income. Some of this was confirmation of information I already had, some of it was brand new (and exciting). Ashley’s book has given me the know-how to set in motion the dreaming I have not yet put feet to. It’s time, and I have Ashley to thank for resources to help me get started!

*Edit 9:15pm 11 Jan 2012 This is now an affiliate link, I love this book that much!   🙂

You Don’t Need a Job! You Need Guts
Click here to view more details


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