Nothing to do?!

Nothing irks me more than hearing the phrase “there’s nothing to do!” It especially drives me nuts when accompanied by a whining voice. Kids are notorious for claiming “boredom” and expecting their parent(s) to find them entertainment.

Lately I’ve been noticing that it’s a much bigger annoyance when spoken by adults who are perfectly capable of finding things to do, specifically complaining about how little there is to do “around here”. I don’t have any concept of boredom. There is always something to occupy my time, energy and mind. And when I spend much of it volunteering to help make some of said events in the community happen, I am especially unsympathetic to this plea.

Not only is my home community (Yarmouth, NS) full of talent and beauty, but we are surrounded by equally amazing places (Argyle, Clare, Shelburne, Digby, etc.) within a very handy distance. I love taking day trips to experience something new, and I love sharing those experiences with others!

Things to do in West Nova!

In this light, I have created an events calendar, where I will attempt to keep a comprehensive listing of what’s happening in our communities. If you would like to see something added, please join our Facebook Group, or message me at trish(at)trishblogs(dot)com


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