Make the pledge with me! Appreciate someone today!

I was speaking with a co-worker yesterday about the tendency in our line of work to occasionally envision a more satisfying job doing something “happy”. You know where the purpose of your job is not to help people fix their problems (like many of us social workers do) but instead to further their happiness (i.e. in hospitality). One thing I’ve noted when working in other areas is that I don’t have patience for the complainers or the sense of urgency people have. After having worked in truly urgent environments, my immediate reaction is to think “no one is dieing here!”

We’re all guilty of complaining, of having high expectations, or not showing our appreciation for the successful things, yet making a big deal out of small errors, faults or omissions.

There are lots of similar movements out there, but I’d like to challenge you to make a point every day of complimenting someone for a job well done. Thank the barista for the hot coffee and the smile; tell you hairdresser how much you value their special touches (like that scalp massage); thank your doctor for seeing you on short notice…

To take it up a notch: do so publicly.

And to add to the challenge, for every compliant you make in a day, try to make one additional positive remark to someone that day.

Make your pledge with me to share with someone how they have added to the joy in your day/life… tell a friend/co-worker/family member/service provider you know something you appreciate about them.  Do it now!