The Unconventional Book Tour – Halifax stop

On Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of hearing Chris Guillebeau on his Unconventional Book Tour speaking about his book: The Art of Non-Conformity. I was fortunate to be selected to receive an advanced copy of the book, and have posted previously about it here.

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What I love about Chris is his ability to bring people together who also want to live unconventional remarkable lives. He has an easy way of speaking (and writing) that feels informal and welcoming. While he didn’t say anything that was new to me (I had already read the book), he was refreshing to listen to. The “question and attempted answer” portion was certainly the most insightful for me. But what I liked best was how friendly and willing to share everyone who came out to hear Chris speak were! It felt like a club meeting, especially when a group of us, including Chris, headed out for drinks afterwards.

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I really hope I have opportunities to cross paths with Chris in the future. And I would recommend to anyone who wants to take the road less traveled or a create new road to check Chris out for inspiration!

Project 365 – Jan 11

I combined two activities for me and brought my camera on assignment to meet Chris Guillebeau, of the Art of Non Conformity. His Unconventional Book Tour includes cupcakes and then post-talk drinks in nearly every city. I believe Halifax was stop #55, his second of the Canadian leg of the tour. These are some yummy cupcakes provided by another AONC follower. 🙂

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The Art of Non-Conformity – a book response

I have read enough postings on Chris Guillebeau‘s webpage to know that when my free copy of his book The Art of Non-Conformity arrived, I’d want to isolate myself somewhere where I could curl up and read it cover to cover, uninterrupted. Unfortunately my J-O-B, and family obligations were not going to allow that to happen.  I decided to wait until the next day to start the book, when I could choose to take transit to work, and allow myself a large chunk of time to read. A week later, I have finished.

When I first started reading Chris’ website I was skeptical.  Free e-books always seem to come with catches that I had no interested in signing myself up for.  And “World Domination” sounded a little gimmicky.

So, I started with reading articles on his webpage, finally intrigued enough (and my skepticism satisfied enough) to download his guide.
While I was going through this and becoming more and more excited about what Chris had to say, he offered an opportunity for 100 readers to receive an advance copy of his book, and I was thrilled to learn I’d been one of the many many entries chosen. With no obligation to promote Chris’ book, I had a chance to better get to know his ideas, and am considering whether I should sign on for his Build An Empire – unconventional guide. I’m still undecided, mainly because I need to prioritize my time first.

I feel like I’ve found a kindred spirit in Chris. His book repeated much of what I’ve read on his website, but elaborated on many ideas. It left me feeling inspired to make up my mind and take action. I feel as though I’ve been fence sitting for many years, constantly exploring options, but making few leaps (but for a few conventional ones).

I have food for thought, and a place to begin the next stage of my explorations, putting something ANYTHING that I feel passionate about into action.

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