Stripped Down Running – Andrea Nair | a book response

Stripped Down Running, by Andrea Nair is a book that covers a pretty hefty topic, yet easy-to-read – I finished this novel in tears. Not one to cry often, especially at books or movies, that says a lot. This book really struck a chord with me.


Having a social work/services background, I enjoyed the realism portrayed in Hannah’s situation and appreciate Andrea’s efforts as a psychotherapist to illustrate the experiences of a childhood victim of sexual assault.


Hannah is a character that you can’t help but like, even through her worst. As she began her journey of healing, I found myself making comparative assessments of how I live my life. While our lived experiences were vastly different, much of the process engaged by Hannah is the same process we all must go through to become whole. We must identify and face our inner demons on our own. No one can tell us what they are or how to overcome them, only guide us through the process and provide a safe place to land.


My favourite line of the book is near the very end when Hannah tells her close friend about what she has been through (once she finally figured out what happened that had been buried deep within her psyche). Taja tells her: “…That’s all you have to do. Wake up, show up, breathe and just see what the wind blows in.”


Never have words struck me so poignantly. It’s that whole “Let go, and let God” or the power of putting out into the universe that which we wish, but then sitting back and taking time to BE. What is meant to come, will.


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