Leadership Notebook – Prompt #1

Leadership Notebook

Prompt #1

What is leadership?

I have been in a couple of scenarios where someone just stood out as a leader, whether or not they were officially assigned the role.

In both cases the leader was so well connected with their followers, they seemed almost to be close personal friends. They had a strong vision of what the end goal was and little could distract them from that goal. They did things with purpose, and generally had the buy-in of those around them. They had enough influence that at times when the followers didn’t agree, they still moved forward, knowing that this was the means to the end that they sought after.

I have been in a few management roles, where it became clear that more than management, what was needed was leadership. Someone who could set the tone and help the team formulate a plan for specific goals to be met. In some cases, my highest priority was simply to connect with and build relationship with the stakeholders. While we managed the day to day operations, the leadership was crucial in getting at changes at a deeper level.

I have several changes that I’d like to make. Mostly they are focused around a central change of the culture of the organization or community. A negative attitude has become pervasive and is ingrained into the culture now. Without a change to the culture there will be no lasting change in any other area that I can foresee.

– exercise in leadership with Seth Godin at +Acumen



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