Starting over again

So after 8 weeks of rehab, rest and recovery I started doing some activities. I had gotten out to swim a few times but nothing consistent – this was largely due to the six week university course I also started shortly after the sprain. So far I’ve managed a few bikes to the lake for a swim and a couple of runs that were quite successful. the sad thing is now my body has flared up and I ma hurting like crazy, not sleeping well, only to relive the cycle. I hate fibromylagia and the way it makes my body work (or not work to be honest). I tried to be careful t not over do it and yet I sit here after four days of rest feelign very much like I over did it. It’s not just the ankle, which actually feels relatively good, it’s the back, neck & shoulders – the bane of my existance – and the poor sleep – these really get to me.

/end rant

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