Social workers would like to see more in the budget to support Nova Scotians in need

To the editor,

While the 2010-2011 Nova Scotia provincial budget includes some positive changes, the Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers is concerned that, during tough economic times, we are not doing more for those in the greatest need. There is little in the budget for the priority groups identified in Nova Scotia’s Poverty Reduction Strategy: “persons with work-limiting disabilities; single, unattached individuals, including youth; lone-parent families, especially female lone parents; older individuals; Aboriginal peoples; African Nova Scotians; recent immigrants; and people with poor educational attainment, particular those who have not achieved high school education.” What is there just simply is not enough.

Changes like cuts to any level of government or providing tax breaks to high income earners do little for strengthening programs and services; or creating sustainable and secure supports for Nova Scotians – as identified as guiding principles in the Poverty Reduction Strategy.

A balanced budget in three years’ time sounds positive to a lot of people fiscally. It might, however, be considered that, during recovery of an economic recession, a deficit may be justifiable. Supporting those citizens in greatest need now can do more for our economy and fiscal management in the long run than that of a balanced budget in 2013.

Trish McCourt


Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers


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