So far so good

So the training has been going well. Today I didn’t finish my speedwork, slowed down and ran an easy pace for about 5km. I just felt horrible doing the intervals, and think now that I may have just been running too hard.

The girls will be back today, after almost a week away! Thursday we met Grandpere at noon, Friday I spent the day in line-ups at Dalhousie.

Saturday morning was my LSD run with Ang and Carolyn. It went very well. 15km and I felt great. This week mileage bumps up to 17kms. Yippee!!!!

Sunday I must have put in close to two hours walking.

In between I enjoyed some live music, BBQ at friends’ of freinds, catching up with an old freind, made some new friends….

Monday I ran my 25 min. tempo run. Tuesday I went for an hour bike ride in Waverly area. Today I ran about 5km this morning.

The girls get home shortly. It’s been a busy week with them away. 🙂

I can’t wait to settle in to our new “school” routine. 🙂

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