Snow days!!!

We had two snow days this week, which only one of my girlies got to enjoy, the other was in bed with a fever for three days. 🙁 The snowfall was pretty crazy, with about 15cm the first night, then another 45ish throughout the following day.

From Drop Box
From Drop Box

I did all of the shoveling, as my spouse was unable to help. I shoveled four times. I really didn’t mind shoveling this light, fluffy, powdery stuff – the norm around here is usually snow, then rain, and ice pellets… so the snow that we shovel is usually the heavy, sticky, wet & icy stuff.

Can you tell whose car doesn’t get driven much and who did all of the shoveling? 😉

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We live at the end of a cul de sac and there is really nowhere for the snow removal crew to put the snow but in front of our house. Right now we are sharing the opening to our drive with our neighbors. It is just barely wide enough for one of our little cars. If we get anymore snow, we’ll be in trouble.

You can tell by this pic, that we actually need to turn into our neighbor’s drive to get out, the driveway normally comes straight ahead to wear my girly is standing (and yes that snowbank immediately behind her is much taller than her) – if they are parked at the end of their drive, we’re stuck.

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