Starting your sidehustle momentum, using Pinterest

Do you find yourself running in circles?

Are you working hard at a sidehustle and getting nowhere?

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I have been doing a lot of learning about how to finally go somewhere with a/my sidehustle. I have been blogging/social media marketing and playing around online for years. I have built klout and have fun getting to know other bloggers. But I have failed to monetize it yet. I have pursued many ideas. Taken courses. Read books and blogs. Followed gurus. But I just haven’t taken bold enough action to actually be going somewhere.

Pinterest Ninja

One of my areas that I have been challenged by is Pinterest. And along comes Megan’s ebook/course! I noticed her posts about Pinterest Ninja and started following her. I finally decided one day to purchase and see how it/she might help me!

Click for access to Pinterest Ninja

Megan’s book is easy to read and tips are easy to follow. My favourite thing about Pinterest Ninja is that so much of her advice helps in general with building traffic and an audience, not just using Pinterest. Simple tips about finding popular keywords, for instance.

I love that she continues to update and offer more resources to current and future readers.

I have been using these tips to monetize my blog and build my audience. In fact I had my first payout from an affiliate in the last week since doing so!

I have been a lifestyle blogger for years, with a focus on Making Change in the world. My passion is for social justice; mental health; and women, children & families.  I have always been known to speak up/out when others aren’t always willing. I share personal stories that others often keep hidden. It is my hope that my stories will help someone else to see that they are not alone.  I want to help others have a larger voice in whatever challenges they may face. And to use those challenges to Be the Change they want.


I am launching an online coaching service.

While not limited to – my areas of strength are in: parenting/childcare and family; as well as mental health; overall health & wellness; social media marketing for the small business / not-quite-luddite; and curating photos to tell your/their story. I am a generalist at heart, which is why I studied Social Work after Early Childhood Education, Psychology and English.

Pinterest Ninja is helping me expand my reach, and stop circling my target.

If I can help you make change in your world, I can be contacted via most Social Media channels, my blog  or old-fashioned email at


Drop me a note in the comments below, or connect with me on Twitter @ceilidhontherun or email me at trish at trishblogs dot com!

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6 years ago

I think I need to get this – my side hustle can certainly be doing better. Thank you!