Review of 2011

On January 3rd I wrote in: Goal planning for 2011

Some of plans include getting back into a regular fitness routine; continuing my growth in photography; reading more great books; working on my own small business projects; travel; organizing; and more. I’m going to start walking and running again; do a 365 project in photography; take a course in using photoshop; read a mixture of fiction and non-fiction while participating in one or two book clubs; add more content to my website and monetize it; continue blogging regularly and add some creative writing; make a short trip to BC then take my family to Florida; set up a better workspace for myself at home…

So how much came to fruition?

  • I made attempts at a regular fitness routine. I had periods of regular walking, a small amount of running and cycling, and yoga. BUT, I still don’t have a regular routine and this is top priority going forward.
  • Photography growth – check
  • reading great books – check
  • small business projects – lots of research, little action
  • travel – check
  • organizing – semi-check
  • 365 project – lasted about 2/3’s of the year – until life got too hairy to fit it in
  • photoshop course – check – but want greater detailed instruction
  • book clubs – check – until life got too hairy to fit it in
  • website content – check; monetize – not really/feeble attempts
  • blogging regularly – mostly
  • trip to BC – check
  • trip to Florida – check
  • workspace at home – sort of – then we moved, now I progress

I have to say I did better than I had thought. That in itself makes this a worthwhile exercise. It will be easier to move forward on my coming plans knowing that I can succeed, and in what areas I need the most planning to make it happen.

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