Re-starting running (again)

—– 1 April 2010 —–

I ran last week just to test things out, and felt great.   Time to get back at ‘er!

And, knowing myself, I know I need a little motivation so…
Since I am nearly done school (just have a few finishing touches to do on my final Framework for Practice paper), and am starting a new Part-Time (yippee!) Social Work job (NEXT WEEK!) I decided to celebrate by signing up for Team Diabetes Bluenose 10K.
So, this week my plan is to run 20 minutes everyday, just to build up. If all goes well, next week I’ll increase my time… and just take it from there!
See you on the roads!

—– 3 April 2010 —–

Not sure if it’s the FM, or just because I’m so out of shape. I stopped running in December, and have been walking instead. I started seeing an Osteopath, and feel like he finally fixed a broken me that I’d nearly given up on. he gave me the 20 minute limit for running.

So, I ran, but realized after logging my run that it was MUCH faster than I intended to run, in fact faster than I usually run. I went without the Garmin, and just judged speed by feel. I felt like dead weight. But I logged it at 3.6k for 20 mins., which is a pace of 5:42. For me a 6mpk pace is quick. I guess my heart rate was up because I was running fast, not because of my fitness.

Anyway the point of this rambling is that I have been sore. Yesterday, I hurt mostly in quads and a little in my upper back/neck/shoulder (the main reason I stopped running in December). So, I skipped running and cycled with the girlies (hardly counts as any level of activity) and did some gardening.
This morning, I hurt even more. I feel like I just ran a Half! It’s crazy.

So, I seem to have maintained some level of cardio fitness, but not muscular. Lesson learned. I’m not giving up, but will have to monitor my speed much more closely today. I can’t afford to over do it. It sets me back too much.

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