Rain, rain, go away…

So yesterday, I chose to postpone the noon hour run until today. The forecast looked as though it would be the same, if not better. I had this hint of a sore throat/chest thing, so I figured nothing to lose!
This morning as I was walking in to work, there were bits of hail mixed with the rain! Ah well, at least my throat feels better.

I can’t wait to get back out on my bike. Couple more trips and I think I’ll start commuting to work with it. I was thinking about my day. I have to come to work half an hour early, just to find a parking space. I could leave my house at the same time as now (ride for about 1/2 hour) get a refreshing kickstart to my day on my bike, and arrive at work a few minutes later than I do now. Hopefully I’d still have energy for a noon hour run 2-3 days/week!

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17 years ago

I wish I could run to work, or bike, but It logistically wouldn’t work for me.

Hope your weather turns nicer soon!

17 years ago

Plus, you’ll save a little extra cash. Maybe enough to get a new bike!